Exploring early mathematics through picturebooks

In my last post, I provided an example of how a picture can lead to a thoughtful discussion around mathematics with preschoolers. But another way to explore early mathematics I strongly recommend as well is to do so through picturebooks. 

Starting next week, I will review picturebooks once a week.

I may pick a book with a focus on early mathematics. Erikson Institute or the DREME network often share lists of picturebooks (here and here). The Mathical Book Prize provides some recommendations. The StoryTelling Math series (here), blending mathematics contents and engaging stories involving a diverse representation of characters, is outstanding.

I will also discuss general picturebooks and how to add on early mathematics. For instance, Colours of us just shared a new list of picturebooks that I am eager to explore. There is also a StoryWalk® in my community that I have found inspiring. Finally, some books will come from my own search, that I select following guidance from Teaching for Change (here). Just trying to ensure that all children can envision themselves as young mathematicians.

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