For a few years, I blogged around mathematics and young children. My posts were mostly inspired by my experiences as a parent, exploring with my young children what I was reading and discussing as a M.Ed. student in mathematics elementary education. I truly enjoyed it.

I continued for a while as a doctoral student, until I, somehow, started to lose my voice. A constant lack of time. A mountains of readings. A helpless feeling as I witnessed my oldest child losing her confidence in mathematics once she started upper elementary. I needed a break to reflect, and I closed my blog. With my doctorate now completed, I am finding my voice again. 

My posts will be around early childhood education, and early mathematics with the goal of providing matter to reflect through different angles and various perspectives–children, parents, teachers, researchers. Like a photographer, I like to constantly zoom in and out. Zooming in to fully embrace a young child’s mathematical thinking. Zooming out to understand his/her/their position in our society.


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